Core advantages
core advantages
  • Research and Innovation Ability

    The first to propose the concept and application of directional sound technology
    A good technical reserve, more than 40 patents
    4 achievement transformation of acoustic technology, 6 technical reserves
    Maintain optimization and upgrading of new technologies and solutions
  • Research and Development Resource Security

    East China University of Science and Technology , Acoustic Technology Research Centre
    Incubated by The Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Industrial Base
    National top acoustic experts, the leader of sound and environmental protection
    The R&D team is the one of the most professional in sound environmental protection in China
  • Management and marketing advantages

    Put marketing centre as the highest of the management organization
    Brand strategy development, public relations and global business closely unit
    The organic union of Yangtse river delta and BBT region
    Radiating the country with Suzhou and strategically setting overseas goals
  • Customer reserve and market advantage

    The first to engage in antenna research and achieve industrialization in China
    Accumulated collaborative development capabilities around customers
    Complete product series, with a number of domestic acoustic customers
    Established a good reputation and long-term strategic cooperation
Core technology
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