Focusound Directional Speaker
Using new revolutionary audio technology to create highly-directional sound just like light
Focusound Directional Speaker is the first commercialized directional speaker in China, it creates directional sound to provides precise and independent audio zone and deliver an immersive, noisy-free, 3D-like audio experience.
What is directional sound technology?
Directional sound technology is a radical acoustics technology that emits directional sound, providing an effective way to deliver sound to a specific area in a highly directional way, without using large loudspeaker arrays.

Unlike the normal sound which generally propagates omnidirectionally, a directional sound travels in the air along a fixed direction in an extremely narrow beam, in this way the sound could be precisely controlled and target your desired listening area.
Applications of Focusound Directional Speaker
Focusound Directional Speaker emits sound in a highly directional way without using large loudspeaker arrays, It can create an independent, non-interference sound zone in a noisy environment. This pioneering directional audio solution is widely used in people's daily life.


Using to Create
Directional Voice Guide


Improve the overall
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Directional Digital
Product Features

Highly directional and create tight audio zones

Isolate sound to a specific region or person without disturbing others

Infrared sensor

Infrared sensor and wifi-connection

Intelligent control

Centralized controlling system, ready for remote control, partition and grouping management

Portable Design

Easy integration into different commercial applications; Multiple operation methods, slim design and easy for installation

Size : 292*163*23mm
SPL : 80/85/78 dB@1KHz/2m
Power : 13/23/26W
Size : φ145*13mm/φ243*30.4mm
SPL : 78/86 dB@1KHz/2m
Power : 12/25W
Size : 926*118*35mm
SPL : 88/68 dB@1KHz/2m
Power : 58/30W
Size : 170*70*40mm
SPL : 70 dB@1KHz/2m
Power : 16W
Application scenarios
Museums / Retail / Digital Signage / Advertising / Super Markets/ Trade Show/ Hospitals /Banking / School and others
Smart Home
Super Markets
Digital Signage
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