Problems facing traditional TV
TV sets have long been popularized in the homes of thousands of people. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the scenes of using TV are more diverse. In some scenes, traditional TVs can no longer meet the requirements of people pursuing "higher quality of life":
1: Watching TV in the living room, how to not affect others?
2: Watching the ball at night, why not wake up your wife and children?
3: The elderly can't sleep at night, like watching TV, the sound is too small to hear, the voice is too loud and noisy to the family, what should I do?
4: Listening to music in the bedroom, the sound amplification will attract scolding, what should I do?
5: Groups, how do you listen to songs and watch movies as you like?
If there is a kind of sound that is directed to be sent out, it can only be heard by people within a certain range. Can this solve the problem? ! The answer is that Juyinbao is such a directional sound solution expert.
Direct connection integration solution
Connect the TV and Polyphonic directly through the audio cable without changing the original structure and configuration of the TV. In this scheme, the model of Juyinbao can be the MINI of the FSC series, the FSR15 of the FSR series, and the FSS1 of the FSS series.
The effect is as follows:
(The blue area in the picture is the sound propagation area of Juyinbao, and the sound can be heard in the area. In actual cases, the audible area can be set according to actual needs. )
Embedded integration solution
In the embedded integration solution, the Focusound is not visible from the outside (but the Focusound panel can be seen), and the Focusound is internally connected to the original audio system of the TV.
1): In this solution, the Focusless custom bare board used, size and model can be customized according to the actual needs of users.
2): The appearance can be conventional round, square, long, or unconventional, such as curved.
3): The installed position can be on the top of the TV or below the TV, and needs to be integrated with the current design of the TV manufacturer.

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