Industry Status
The Shangchao industry refers to a large-scale comprehensive retail mall that mainly deals with food, household items and food in a customer-selected manner.
In recent years, the development trend of Shangchao has become more and more futuristic, and the role of sound in creating the immersive shopping experience of customers is particularly prominent.
The partition automatically explains the immersive shopping experience with different theme BGMs. Orientation, no interference, a few steps, enter different scenarios. The audio presentation of the main products is provided by region, and the introduction of each area does not interfere with each other. At the same time, soft background music is played throughout the store to enhance the customer shopping experience.
Program value
Modern technology is applied in the field of business, ensuring brand innovation and maintaining competitiveness. A more futuristic shopping experience is immersing people's lives. Integrating the directional sound-sounding treasures to create an immersive shopping environment, enhance the customer shopping experience, and help the brand optimize and upgrade.
Application scenario
Integrate directional sound Focusound in the partition
Adjust the sound angle of Focusound to achieve clear sound orientation and accurate customer reception. Let customers walk to the area and hear the audio automatically.


Supermarket counters integrates polyphonic treasures for targeted voice promotion
The external rendering power of the product is improved, the consumer's desire to purchase the product is directly stimulated, and the product promotion information is automatically received. Reduce the number of buyers and promoters.


Direct marketing of TV commercials in supermarkets
The integrated installation of Juyinbao is independent of other audio systems in the supermarket, and uses different BGMs that conform to each region and does not interfere with each other.
Practical application

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