Advertising media industry directed sound solution
Industry Status
The advertising industry includes airport advertisements, train station screen advertisements, advertising machine touch screens, subways, and bus broadcasts for media projects. Digital signage is a new generation of intelligent devices. It constitutes a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and promotes advertisements through multimedia materials such as pictures, texts and videos. Actively browse ads. However, traditional digital signage is either silent and has no actual publicity effect; or the sound is too small to be heard in a noisy environment, greatly reducing the effectiveness of advertising and losing a large number of potential customers.
The Focusound's directional sound digital signage is enhanced by leading directional audio technology to centrally control sound waves in specific areas. Directional sound digital signage, clear sound, super penetrating power, free from surrounding noise, can easily make advertisements clearly reach the target group in noisy environment, expand the advertising screen propaganda, and solve the pain point that the advertising screen can't sound.
Program value
The Focusound sound is clear, directional, super penetrating, no attenuation within 20 meters, greatly improving the employer's advertising effect. Better integration with large screens of advertising, wider distribution, more concentrated and clearer volume, breaking the embarrassing situation that traditional digital signage can't be audible or audible. Expanding the scope of advertising, all pedestrians passing through the area in front of the directional digital signage can automatically receive advertising information, expand the scope of publicity, and increase the conversion rate of potential customers. Really environmental protection, find the balance between sound transmission and noise transmission. Trends, technology and technology are full of feelings of black technology, the theme of advertising is outstanding, and the impact is strong.
Application scenario
Shangchao outdoor large-screen advertising is no longer silent, the first time to understand the latest product information
The people in the picture can clearly hear the sound of the advertising screen, and the people outside the area are completely undisturbed, solve the silent pain points of the outdoor digital signage, and attract customers to enhance the competitiveness of the product.

Directional sound digital signage touch screen can also make sound, realize audio and video synchronization
Human-computer interaction,Say goodbye to traditional silent graphic ads

The noisy environment such as the railway station airport subway station can also be heard clearly.
Directional transmission, super penetrating power, still clear to the target population in noisy environments.

Practical application

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