Exhibition industry directional sound solution
Industry Status
The exhibition industry includes museums, science and technology museums, exhibition halls, planning halls, corporate exhibition halls, commercial exhibition halls, large-scale exhibitions and other exhibition projects. Most of the exhibition industry uses a variety of forms such as sound and light to display a product or theme, of which sound is an important way. There are many drawbacks in the use of traditional audio — — different subject areas explain the mutual interference of sound, so that visitors can not get useful information, brand promotion and experience are greatly weakened, it is difficult to create the expected publicity and economic benefits.
In each display area, integrated directional sounds are integrated. Through infrared sensing, it realizes the intelligent effect of stop-and-go and automatic voice explanation. Unified management by the background, partition, automatic, directed voice explanation, remote control update to explain the content. At the same time, it has a variety of sizes to suit various application scenarios and is easy to install.
Program value
The introduction of Juyinbao's directional sound intelligent voice automatic orientation explanation solution compensates for the limitations of time, space and distance, and injects the scientific and technological content into the exhibition display industry, bringing new ideas and innovations to the form, utility and service of the exhibition. The voice explanation is only available in a specific area, making the overall environment quiet and orderly. The application of stop-and-go, intelligent and automatic explanation has improved the application of modern technology in the venue and improved the overall level of technology. Reduce the use of manual explanations, reduce the needs of various types of manual consultation, guidance and other service personnel, and be well integrated with the on-site environment. In the cultural relics exhibition, art exhibition, enterprise product display, digital application, etc., the display effect is multiplied, not only can display the corporate brand, but also can use the platform for secondary product display and sales, further expanding the propaganda of the exhibits and Exhibition effect.
Application scenario
Directional voice explanation by area/by exhibit
In the museum, each exhibit is accompanied by a voice explanation, bidding farewell to the tour guide big speaker, reducing the need for manual explanation, without Baidu, without having to explain it everywhere, so that visitors can calmly accept the art, easily immerse the world of art, fundamentally Improve the service and management level of the venue.

Stop and go, intelligent explanation
In the art gallery, each directional sounding area is integrated with infrared sensing devices. Visitors come over and the voice explanations are automatically turned on. After the visitors leave, the explanations are automatically stopped, that is, stop and go, smart and environmentally friendly.

Product topic intelligent automatic explanation
Most of the company's exhibition halls, commercial displays, etc. showcase the company's products or an independent theme, and integrate the directional speakers to achieve a targeted explanation of the products.

Intelligent automatic explanation, attract more attention
When visitors visit the booth, the Juyinbao installed in the booth will broadcast the product information of the company, so that the target users can stop at the exhibition and maximize the participation effect.

Practical application

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